David R. Millar

David R. Millar

Home Smart Advantage Realty
West Sonoma County
Guerneville, CA 95446

David R. Millar is a man with a rare passion, for life, for work, for making things happen. As a Realtor with Home Smart Advantage Realty in West Sonoma County. Millar has created a life where he is able to enjoy his love of West Sonoma County while helping others realize their dreams.

    Millar offers his real estate clients a unique service: he has an inside track and can provide his clients access to a broad range of desirable properties before they become available on the multiple listing service (MLS). “I make sure my clients are first in line for available properties,” he said. “That can make all the difference when shopping for a home.”

    How is he able to do this? Through hard work and persistence.  But let’s back up a bit.

    Having grown up in Denver, Colorado, Millar has a great affinity for the outdoors and is an avid hunter, fisherman, and gardener. He visited San Francisco at age 21 and fell in love with northern California, moving to Sonoma County in 1988. “I have always had the country in me,” he said. “I love the beauty of nature and Sonoma County combines the best of outdoor life and natural beauty.”

    Counting on his fingers Millar said, “I know people, I know construction, and I love Sonoma County.” He became a top agent quickly, consistently one of the top three or four performing agents in the area. “It’s easy to sell Sonoma County,” he said. “It’s easy to fall in love with the area and want to live here.”

    Millar’s success is not only based on having access to information not yet available to most buyers and agents. His personal commitment to customer service in every transaction has helped him earn a stellar reputation with scores of happy clients and admiring fellow agents. He is meticulous when it comes to making sure there are no surprises for clients, and expert at overcoming obstacles that may come up along the way.

    When meeting new clients, Millar knows that putting his own ideas aside and learning the details about his clients’ goals and dreams is paramount to success for everyone involved. “I ask a lot of questions,” he said. I try to put together a mosaic of my clients’ dreams, hopes, and capabilities. I don’t push my agenda; I find out their agenda.”

    For a man who has enjoyed so much success, Millar is remarkably unassuming. Quick to smile, he manages to impart professionalism while not taking himself too seriously. He knows he is good at what he does, and he knows how to make others comfortable. He is easy to talk to and, most importantly, a good listener.

    “I love helping people accomplish their dreams,” he said. “When I can build a relationship—when they trust me and believe I have their best interest foremost in my mind—then I feel whole. That’s when I feel that I’m being the person God put me on earth to be. I believe a man’s word is his bond; I like to surround myself with people who are like-minded.”

 A community oriented man, Millar understands that each of the communities in Sonoma County is diverse and different. “Each area has cultural diversity, micro-climates, and different advantages,” he said

    Buying a home can be a harrowing experience; there is so much to know and so much that must go right. David Millar not only has experience and exclusive access to properties you might not ever see with another agent, he knows how to ensure the process goes smoothly and successfully so that everyone wins and everyone shares the dream.  

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2011 Medallion Award, Triple Gold 60+ units sold.

"David sold our successful Guerneville vacation rental home in nine days.... David makes things happen! A thoughtful, attentive, real estate professional, David handled everything from soup to nuts! He took time to understand and appreciate our property... and, delivered on all his promises! We plan on securing him for our search to buy a property on the Coast! THANKS, David!"

  -Frank Gran & Russ Hagenhoff, Other